Newsletter December 2015

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The Nenkashe wishes to say thank you to you all that are members of, all that have contributed and participated in the hard work of organizing fund raising events so all the above may be possible.

Your efforts are put into good productive use of raising and educating the needy Maasai girl child.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.



19 girls are spread out to 7 different  Primary Schools. Three boys are in a Boys Boarding School.

One 8 year old is in a children’s home called Nyumbani (means Home) for HIV/AIDs survivors. She has put on 10.5 kg in 1 year. This little girl has made tremendous progress during her 1 year stay in Nyumbani from being a very sick, malnourished little girl to a happy school going girl.

The nurses predict that she will be able to join a public school next year. She has until now attended the protected school at Nyumbani whenever she was well enough.

We have 10 Secondary School going girls in 6 different schools.

A 16 year old pregnant girl was rescued by a Nenkashe member as she was about to be married off against her will. The Children’s Officer managed to secure a Mother and Child Home until she delivered. She has since delivered and has joined a primary school while her baby remains in the home where the mother is able to visit and stay with her baby during each school holiday.

Only one girl sat for National  Primary School Examination this year. We wish her the very best.

One of the girls who finished Primary School last year is physically challenged and had to undergo a corrective surgery on both legs and is recovering well.

The girl who finished Secondary School last year is now teaching in a nursery school as she awaits to go for training as a nursery school teacher.

Unfortunately public school teachers went on strike at the beginning of the term for 5 weeks and pupils were forced to remain at home. This was evident in this end of year Test results, despite which they majority had good results.

School Holidays

11 girls and one boy stayed at the Nenkashe Holiday Home for the August break. They were as usual looked after by a matron and had frequent visits by a social worker for counseling

All children, including Nempiris from Nyumbani will spend Christmas Holidays with their respective parents or guardians. Malel will spend this holiday at home, for the 1st time in 3 years. She was very happy when the Children Officer and I drove her the 70km to her home, where she was received warmly by her family and neighbors.

The parents promised to allow her to complete her schooling as far as she is able.

 Sports / Athletics

Teressia, a girl in class 7 has shown great ability in athletics by winning the inter schools competitions and subsequently running for Kajiado County and each time taking the lead. She has received several awards.


Newsletter June 2015


School Holiday

Out of the 40 children sponsored by the Organization 39 spent the 2014 Christmas holidays at their respective homes.

One of the girls spent the holidays with one of the member’s home as the organization continues to feel that the situation in the home is unchanged. The pride price paid to the child’s family has not been returned and therefore the child remains in danger of being abducted by the ‘husband’.  It is the government’s policy that all children should keep in close contact with their families when possible.

All children reported back to school on time and reported to have had happy holidays. Many of the parents were able to buy toiletries for their children as encouraged by the organization.

Seven (7) children spent the April 2015 at the NEC Safe House. This was necessitated by the severe drought in most parts of the Kajiado County  and partly by the unsafe home environment. The children are provided with a home environment  and are looked after by en experienced matron and the NEC members.  A Social Worker  connected to  the Children’s Office visited the home periodically.


Three of the four (4) girls who sat for the Primary  Certificate Examination got good grades that took them to secondary school. The three (3) girls were able to be placed in schools where other NEC girls attend. The 4th girl got low grades and the Organization is looking to have her in a vocational school after recovery from a planned corrective surgery.

The NEC is sponsoring ten (10) Secondary School girls in 6 different schools.

Twenty (20) Primary School girls attend 5 different schools and 3 boys attend a boys boarding school.

One (1) little girl is in Nyumbani Children’s Home and goes to school there until she is well enough to be able to attend a public.  

Medical Care

One (1) of the girls who sat for the primary school examination, unfortunately did not make it to secondary school. The girl has challenges of physical disability and is due for corrective surgery. The  Organization in partnership with the Kajiado Centre for children with Disabilities is organizing to have the girl operated on as soon as possible. The surgical cost will be shared by the two Organizations.  The single parent has no ability to contribute to the child’s treatment.

The 9 year old HIV/AIDs survivor is under medication and her situation requires constant specialized medical care. Little Nempiris ( who is HIV/AIDs survivor ) continues to reside at Nyumbani Children’s home and is getting excellent medical care. She has recently completed the tuberculosis treatment. She regularly attends school when her condition allows.

The NEC members follow Nempiris’ progress by regularly visiting her at the home. Her grandmother has paid her two visits in one year.

Counseling / Seminar

Two (2) counseling sessions were carried out at the AIC  primary school  where the majority of the Primary School girls attend. This was carried out towards the end of the school term.

A seminar was held for secondary and primary school girls during the school holidays.

The objective of these sessions is to raise self awareness, self esteem, and personal hygiene, motivate and encourage them to make informed choices.


Unfortunately three girls have discontinued their education. One of the girls, 18 years old who has had learning challenges decided to permanently discontinue with her schooling.

The 2 girls are pregnant and have been suspended from school until after delivery. The children’s office is trying to find a vacancy in a mother /child home. Such a home would look after the baby while the mothers continue with their education.  

Two Secondary School girls Visit Denmark

The two girls were invited to meet their contemporaries in Copenhagen and the suburbs to raise awareness on the Maasai school girl’s life in a boarding school. The girls visited a High School and  interacted with three (3) different classes and other students during lunch and breaks. They met in all about 80-90 students. There was mutual interest shown by both parties in each other’s culture and school.

They visited an art college and interacted with ca.50 students. These students showed great interest in a life of a Maasai girl therefore asked many questions.

They visited the Queen’s Palace, museums, the aquarium and several other cultural sites.

Of great interest to the girls were the visits to member’s homes where they interacted with their Danish families.

There were two organized meetings with an audience of 50 people each. They participated in a flea market which is one of the ways the Support Group in Denmark raises funds for the NEC sponsorship.

The trip was funded by an agent of DANIDA. The girls were accompanied by the Chairlady of the NEC.

The girls were overwhelmed by the difference in the two countries, schools and by the many experiences .

Future Activities

The NEC members plan to involve Community Leaders, Local Administrators, The Children’s Office and Legal Agents in holding 6 seminars  in 6 different communities to raise awareness on the child’s rights, human rights, consequences of FGM and teenage marriages and pregnancy.

Silole Mpoke


This is to thank all the donors, sponsors, friends and partners for supporting and educating 39 girls and 3 boys in the 2014, including their school shopping (toiletry, sanitary towels, books etc.) and accommodation during schools’ holidays for those who cannot always go home due to poverty at home or due to hostile circumstances in the child’s home.

Twenty four (24) of these children are in primary school spread out in 4 different schools. Eleven (11) are in 6 different secondary schools and 2 are in two different children’s homes.

Little Nempiris who was admitted to Nyumbani , a home for HIV and AIDs victims who have little or no support from elsewhere is doing very well. At the age of 8 years when we got her she weighed 10 kg and six months later she now weighs 16 kg.

The last two (2) terms have gone without any problems, the children are happy in school.

Nine (9) children stayed at the holiday home during the August holiday. They had a good time. The holiday ‘home’ has proved to be a big success. The children are happy and so are the Nenkashe members as they know that the children are in good hands.

Counseling of the girls during the school term has been carried out. The organization hopes that these sessions will help the children be aware of who they are, help them make informed choices and give them self esteem.

Reconciliatory visits have been carried out in four (4) different homes during this month of December. One of the homes was visited for the 1st time to find out about the family situation of a girl that had been abandoned at the AIC school for four (4) years. The A.I.C. school approached the NEC organization to ask whether we could take on the girl as she had been brought to the school rescued from FGM. No one had visited her or gotten in touch with the school since! Since the school knew where the child had come from, Nenkashe found the child’s family and visited them.

The girl, Nasieku is 15 years old. She has a mother who is blind and is poverty stricken. She has an older brother who is in secondary school. They have a stepbrother who is employed and has been paying school fees for the brother. The stepbrother assured us that he will take on the responsibility of Nasieku and that she will be staying with his family. He has a wife and four children under the age of 7 years. Nasieku informed us that she is happy there. The mother lives within a half hour’s walk. Nasieku is one of the girls selected to visit Denmark in April.

Reconciliatory visits to the parents have failed to produce positive results in the case of the 9 year old that underwent FGM and married off to a 35 year old man two (2) years ago. The parents albeit friendly when called fail to show interest in their daughter.

The child is happy in school, catching up with school work and has friends in school.

We congratulate the Nenkashe Support Group in Denmark for their remarkable achievement of getting funds from CISU to have two girls visit Denmark to talk about the plight of a Maasai girl. Two girls have been selected and are in the process of applying for travel documents.

The new constitution of Kenya specifically forbids and criminalizes FGM and early marriages. The Kajiado County is proactive in raising awareness about the consequences of these harmful practices. The government has established an independent board called “The Anti FGM Board”. There is therefore good political will in the country to end these harmful practices against the girl child.

NEC will strive to alleys with the government for support in allocating bursaries to the NEC supported girls.

All of the above will not have been possible without your moral support and through the funds raised to pay school fees, uniforms, medical expenses, counseling and reconciliatory family visits and not least holidays home expenses.

The Nenkashe Organization thanks each one of you for your support throughout 2015.

We are looking forward to a continued partnership in the year 2015.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and a Happy New Year

On behalf of the NEC,


Newsletter May 2014


Secondary school in Pokot

Newsletter May 2014-05-25
This year started off smoothly. It was easier to find secondary schools for the four (4) girls that finished primary school last year. They were placed in 4 different secondary schools.The girl from Pokot was admitted to Kimngoron Girls Sec. School to join the other girls from Pokot and to be closer to her community.
Five needy girls from Pokot who were selected by the School Committee were admitted into St. Patrick Primary Boarding School- Pokot. The 5 girls are sponsored by the Baylor University Students and administered by Nenkashe.
With the loyal assistance of the sponsors, the partners and friends, school fees and shopping funds were readily available for the start of year for both secondary and primary schools.
NEC sponsors 40 children: 24 primary school girls and 3 boys. 11secondary school girls. 2 girls are in pre primary school. We have a girl who is an HIV victim and is waiting to be admitted into a Home (Nyumbani ) which provides a home like environment, school facility and medical care.
This year NEC is paying school fees for 43 girls and 3 boys spread out in 4 primary schools, 6 secondary schools and one Children’s Home .
School Holidays
This holiday, 6 NEC girls stayed at the Holiday Centre ( a boarding school for the Children with challenges which Nenkashe uses for a fee during school vacations)to house the girls who are orphaned, vulnerable . Nenkashe buys food and all the requirements needed for their stay. The vacation went well.
All the other children were able to go home to their parents or guardians.
The Headmaster of the Olosho Oibor Primary School where 4 of the Nenkashe girls are, requested Nenkashe to include the higher classes of the school in counseling and raising awareness on HIV/AIDs and Female Genital Mutilation. This was carried out in partnership with the local nurse. The children were interested and participitated actively.
Reson who is the Nenkashe Counselor held a one day counseling / seminar session for the Nenkashe girls including local teenagers. There were 32 girls who attended the whole day seminar. The subject of the seminar was to: mentorship through interaction between secondary and primary school girls, share experiences, motivate and encourage each other. Raise self awareness and self esteem and learn to make informed choices which lead to a purpose driven life.
Reconciliatory Family Visits
It has taken NEC members 2 years of home visits to meet Malel’s parents and many telephone conversations to facilitate a reunion between parent and child. ( Malel is the child who was to be married off to a 35 years man at the age of 9 years!) During the school term, Malel was introverted, restless and unhappy and expressed that she was missing her family! The mother was persuaded to visit Malel during the school holidays and Malel was taken home to visit her family. There was a happy reunion with her siblings.
To bring about genuine change of mind and acceptance of the child’s right to education has been a tough task.
These visits revealed a need for awareness raising against FGM, early marriages and child’s rights in this community. NEC plans to run 2-3 seminars on these issues in conjunction with other relevant agents.
March 10th 2014 brought 3 visitors from the Støtteforening Denmark, one of the founders, a member of the bestyrelse and a member. It was with pleasure that a few Nenkashe members took the visitors round to 2 primary schools, a secondary school and they visited some of the girls homes. The height of the visit was when the group met the parents of the girls that prompted the founders to start the Støtteforening. These parents were excited and expressed gratitude that their daughters have a chance to have the education that they the parents did not get.The group also met the members of Nenkashe. The Danish group paid for all expenses during their stay in Kenya.
Nenkashe has realized the need for a livelihood skills school now that girls have began to graduate from primary school and the concern is for the girls who are week academically. The big concern is knowing that chances are that these girls, out of school would surely be married off.
Therefore Nenkashe is beginning to deliberate in methods of raising funds to develop the 5 acre plot that NEC has for the purpose.
Most of the above has only been possible through the constant funding from Denmark raised through hard work from the members.
NEC is also grateful for the friends that have contributed to paying school fees for specific girls, those who have pledged to contribute annually and the ones who have made one time contributions. We also have a school sponsoring a 9 year old girl with full board. All of the above has made this year brighter and secure.
We wish our sponsors a good summer and happy holidays.

NEWSLETTER december 2013



NEWSLETTER December 2013, Nyhedsbrev december 2013, oversat


Dear Nenkashe friends,

We send you many greetings from rainy Kenya

We have finally come to the end of a rather busy year and most of the children are thankfully at home with their parents except four girls. Those are children at olosho oibor primary school living at the (safe house). Of the four girls three are the orphans that started with Nenkashe nearly a year ago and the forth is Malel.  These girls are staying at the holiday centre and are happy.

This year five girls sat for their national exams and we are eagerly waiting for their results. For members of Nenkashe and the girls who sat for their examination will be a trying period when we wait for the results during January. As you know only those who do well go to secondary school.  All the five girls will hopefully proceed to secondary school.

The five girls who started secondary school this year and were in four different secondary schools, adjusted very well .  All the five girls adjusted well to the new school. They sustained their performance even though the challenge was bigger and the competition was more. The beginning of the year was quite challenging as the organization tried to meet the different schools requirements including the different schools dates such as parents meetings, coordinating transport for days off during the school term.

The other girls in the different primary schools have had a good year without any major events. The cooperation between Nenkashe and the girl’s parents was good. Even Malel’s mother telephoned several times to inquire about her. Her parents are encouraged to visit Malel at the holiday centre.

Counseling and mentoring of the girls was carried out both during school days and in the holiday home. These are usually good sessions because the girls have a chance of talking about their worries both at school and during holidays.  Nenkashe members have attended parents’ teachers meetings at various schools and development meetings. They have also gone to several home visits.

The most important trip of the year was a three day long and difficult visit to Pokot north-west of Kenya. in all travelled ca. 500 km.  The purpose of the visit was to finds local secondary schools for the five pokot girls. It was a successful trip all the five secondary girls will be in one school from January, which will reduce travel expenses drastically. It will reduce separation between the girls and their parents. During this trip the girls’ community recommended six girls from very poor families to be sponsored and a school that could accept all the children was found. The girls were between seven to eleven years.

This year we have had two major visits. One from Baylor university U.S.A visited the A.I.C school were most of our girls are, and painted the dormitories and toilets of the school. This was a great gift to the school and the face lift was really needed. It was during this visit that the students promised to sponsor the above mentioned six girls.

The other visit was from Steadfast from Scotland. They visited A.I.C and olosho Obior School and donated sanitary towels and foods to the safe house. There was also a visit from a journalist from DR, P1 radio. He visited olosho oiber school spend time with the rescue children and interviewed the girls, teachers and members of the community

From 2014 Nenkashe will have two new sponsors who will sponsor to girls. Several people have contributed sanitary towels, clothes and single monetary donations including the Baylor university students who will sponsor the six girls.

There have been a few challenges. We have had one girl who dropped out of school due to pregnancy and left school to get married. One parent withdrew her children from Nenkashe and the reason was that the children were not happy in boarding school.

In 2014 there will be ten new girls six of which will be sponsored by Baylor university students.

All the above has been possible through your generous contributions, of which we are grateful.


SIlole for Nenkashe


Maj 2013 Rapport

Nenkashe Kenya sender varme sommerhilsner til medlemmer og bestyrelse i Danmark.
Secondary School
Starten af dette år var en stressende tid for de fem piger der tog den afsluttende eksamen i november 2012 og for NEC medlemmer medens vi ventede på resultaterne, der ville afgør pigernes fremtid.

Endelig kom resultaterne, og de var glædelige. En af pigerne fik så gode karakter, at hun blev optaget på en National Secondary School i Chogoria- Meru, 350km fra Ngong. To andre piger blev optaget på to gode Secondary Schools og de sidste to, som vi havde været temmelig nervøse for, fik også så gode karakterer, at de også blev optaget på en Secondary School. Det var en kæmpe lettelse, at de to sidste piger også blev optaget på en Secondary School, for hvad skal man ellers stille op med to 15-16-årige piger, når vi ved, at alternativet vil være, at de vil blive bortgiftet.  På det tidspunkt ønskede vi os, at vores ”Vocational Centre” var klart til at modtage sådanne piger.

Men så kom realiteterne, da vi fik indkøbslister og oversigten over skolepengene for hver barn – udgifterne var mere end det dobbelte af udgifterne til Primary School.  Indkøbslisterne til Secondary School var længere og der skulle købes mange og dyre bøger.  Transporten til og fra Chogoria tager en hel dag og er dyr.

Alle pigerne er glade for deres ny skoler og er meget flittige, ifølge skolernes rapporter.

NEC børnene er nu spredt ud på fem Secondary Schools og tre Primary Schools.

En anden faktor, som vi i NEC Kenya har set frem til med spænding var det længe ventede svar fra den bedste egnede skole til to af de mindre piger, heriblandt Malel. Grunden til, at vi ønskede netop den skole var, at pigernes dormitory kun huser 28 piger, at de får tæt kontakt og omsorg af the Matron og at de små piger passes af de store piger.

Skole ferie ( ferie koloni !)

NEC har fået et ”Centre” (feriekoloni), hvor de piger der ikke kan komme hjem i skoleferien kan bo. Centret er bygget sådan, at det også udfordrer børnene fysisk. Der er masser af plads til at lege og pigerne er meget glade for at være der. Der er en dame, der passer pigerne, laver mad sammen med dem (de stor piger) og hjælpe de små med at tøjvask.  NEC´s medlemmer køber maden til dem og besøger dem ofte.

Pigerne fra Pokot, som ligger ca. 300 km væk, huses på ”Centret” i både den første og anden skole ferie, da transport omkostningerne er dyre. Da pigerne kommer fra fattige familier, som ikke har råd til at betale transporten, er det nødvendig for NEC at betale transport tur/retur og overnatning til en voksen ledsager, der kan følge pigerne til og fra skolen.

Der er også de forældreløse piger, der ikke har nogen til at passe dem på ansvarlig måde, og endelig er der de piger, der er i fare for at blive bortgiftet. Denne gang var der 9 piger, der holdt ferie på ”Centret”.

Efter 4 ugers skoleferie, er alle børnene nu tilbage på deres respektive skoler.  De fleste af børnene blev bragt tilbage til skolerne af forældrene, et resultat af NEC’s forsoningsbesøg i pigernes hjem. I forsoningsarbejdet arbejdes der blandt andet med at udvikle et partnerskab mellem NEC og pigernes forældre, sådan at forældrene betaler en del af børnenes omkostning, bringer børnene til og fra skolen, køber deres toiletartikler og hjælper til efter bedste evne. Dette er gjort muligt, fordi NEC også har haft mulighed for at kunne vurdere og diskutere forældrenes økonomiske evner på forsoningsbesøgene. Samtidig har The Children’s Department også opmuntre forældrene til at tage ansvar for deres børns uddannelse.


Social forskning har vist, at når et lokalsamfund er besværet af traditionelle strukturer og systemer, bor i regnfattig område, fattigdom, generelt lavt uddannelse niveau, oven i købet har lav eller mangler de essentielle elementer for et anstændigt liv, er det oftest piger og kvinde det går ud over. Maasailand falder under denne kategori. Derfor en af grunden til at den traditionelle uskik, at FGM på piger sker tidligere og tidligere specielt på de forældreløse pigebørn. De sidste piger, der er modtaget af NEC er mellem 5-12 år. Disse børn blev meldt af skolelærer eller naboer, der har observeret at barnet sulter, mishandles eller skal giftes. Derfor har NEC fokus på denne gruppe børn.

Nekashe Denmark giver disse børn en mulighed for en uddannelse og derefter til et anstændigt liv.


Vi ønsker jer en god sommer og et regnfrit og produktivt loppemarked den 1ste Juni.




 Nyhedsbrev, december 2012


Kære Nenkashe Venner,

Vi sender mange varme hilsener fra et solskinsfyldt Kenya.

Det tredje semester er netop afsluttet. Det er som regel et semester, hvor lærerne prøve at sikre at blive færdigt med klassens pensum for det år og hvor børnene fra 1. til 7. klasse koncentrerer sig om at læse og forberede sig til årets eksamen, som tages meget seriøst.

For ottende klasse elever er denne tid derimod en stressende tid, hvor de læser hårdt op til deres afsluttende ”Nationale eksamen”, hvis resultat vil afgøre deres fremtid. De elever der får topkarakter bliver optaget på en ”National High School” eller på en ”Pronvincial- eller District High School”. Hvad så med de andre 14-15-årige, der ikke består? Det er en opgave, som vi skal prøve at løse – det bedste vi kan, men der er ikke mange muligheder for de piger. Fem af Nenkashe’s piger har gennemgået deres afsluttende eksamen og nu er pigerne og vi spændte på resultatet, som først bliver offentliggjort til januar.

Kandidaterne er fulde af håb og glæder sig til en læsepause og til at holde jul i deres respektive hjem.

Ind imellem den seriøse læsning til eksamen har der også været tid til lærerige/oplysende tur til f.eks. dyreparker og historiske steder. I år har nogle piger besøgt en egn hvor man dyrker ris. For de børn, der er vokset op i ”semi-arid” område er sådan et besøg meget interessant og lærerigt.

Da disse ture betales separat og ikke er inkluderet i skolepengene, har Nenkashe besluttede at betale for de børn der har haft sport, drama eller musik eller som har været særlig gode i et fag i klassen.

Otte af vores piger lå i toppen i deres respektive klasser og en af drengene har været i nummer 3 i sin klasse i hele 3 semestre.

Aktiviteterne i 3. semester:

Alle børn i hele Kenya fik en ekstra ferie i starten af 3. Semester, da lærerne strejkede i flere uger. De ville have mere i løn og de blev faktisk støttet af forældrene og af os. Tredje skolesemester blev derfor forlænget tilsvarende.

Nogle af Nenkashe’s medlemmer besøgt børnene på besøgsdagen sammen med nogle af børnenes forældre. Besøgsdagen er altid en glad dag for alle, fordi forældre komme med specielle retter, som børnene har savnet og alle sidder og spiser sammen. Skolens kost må siges at være ret ensformig.

Det er også ved den lejlighed, at forældre kan tale med klasselæreren om deres barns fremskridt i skolen.

Reson (medlem af Nenkashe) besøgte pigerne for at tale med dem om, hvordan de klarer sig og rådgiver dem om skolearbejdet og om de problemer de måtte have. Disse samtaler forgår individuelt og er derfor ret tidskrævende.

Skoleferien startede den 21. november 2012. Det kræver et godt og organisatorisk hoved at fordele de mange forskellige beløb til billetter til de mange forskellige busruter! Og til at sørge for, at alle kommer med den rigtige bus og at ingen børn er efterladt på skolen. De er to dedikerede medlemmer som koordinerer denne – ikke helt nemme opgave, som gentager sig i starten af hver ferie (mellem hvert af de 3 semestre). De to skal også købe ind og sikre sig, at alle børn har det de skal bruge til det nye semester.

Højdepunktet i dette semester var, da vi blev inviteret til Danmark, for at fortælle om Nenkashe’s arbejde til forskellige forsamlinger og for at mødes med bestyrelsen for Nenkashe i Danmark og være med til den årlige støttefest. Desværre måtte jeg rejse alene, da min kollega blev syg og ikke måtte flyve. Jeg blev modtaget meget varmt.

Jeg nød at gense mine venner og min familie. Det var et stort privilegium for mig, at træffe mange af Nenkashe’s venner. Jeg blev meget imponeret over det kæmpe arbejde der skal til, for at sikre pigernes skolegang – en skolegang de ellers ikke vil have fået. Jeg ville ønske at mine kolleger i Kenya havde oplevet hvor hårdt og dedikeret I arbejder for sagen.

Jeg/ vi er jer dybt taknemmelige.





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