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    Newsletter June 2017



    Objectives for 2017

    1. Facilitate the beginning of year/term activities i.e. pay school fees, buy uniforms, books and       shopping
    2. Opening of the Nursery School
    3. Select suitable Secondary Schools for 7 girls and 1 boy
    4. College vacancy for 2 girls
    5. Fundraising event –April
    6. Girls’ Seminar
    7. Annual General Meeting
    8. Apply for the necessary certificates / authorizations required for construction
    9. Continue pursuit for potential donors

    All the 31 children returned to school after a good holiday spent with their respective families.

    The parents of the 16 Primary School children except one including 5 Secondary School children were able to do most of the back to school shopping such as toiletry and transport. The Nenkashe members had paid school fees prior to opening of the schools through varies banks and bank slips forwarded.

    Of the 7 new Secondary School children, 2 girls did well and one was awarded a full scholarship through Equity Bank-‘Wings to Fly’ in one of the National Secondary Schools. The other was also admitted to a National Secondary School. The others were called to local Secondary Schools and all the children are happy in the new environment.

    Four days Seminar was held for the girls at the beginning of the April holiday. The 18 girls who attended the seminar were housed at the Nenkashe Safe House.  The girls were looked after by a lady who cooked for them. There were 2 facilitators including 3 Nenkashe Members. The topics were: Personal Hygiene, Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Self Esteem.  The Nenkashe Members had a one on one talk with each of the girls. Evaluation was done on the last day and was concluded that the seminar be held annually.

    The Annual fundraising was held at the beginning of April. Despite many odds, such as drought which necessitated many families moving from their homes in search of pastures for their livestock, several election campaigns and rallies held on the same day in the area, there was good attendance. The Community is suffering from draught and this was reflected in the Contributions. There was good will.

    Preparation for construction of 2nd phase of the Livelihood Skills Centre is ongoing.  Applications for authorization have been made to the relevant Departments.

    The 2 girls who completed Secondary School at the end of 2016 are currently in College. Resiato is at the Narok Teachers’ Training College doing Early Childhood Education while Brenda is at the Kabete Polytechnic doing Human Resources.

    At the beginning of the 2nd term, Nenkashe Nursery School was started by a well-qualified teacher of many years’ experience. The nursery school has continued to grow and now has 18 pupils. The school has constituted a Parents Teachers’ Association which oversees the running of the school.

    Drought has been severe in Kajiado County the area of operation. The Nursery teacher had noticed that the children were lethargic by midmorning due to hunger, therefor the Committee Members in partnership with the parents have started a feeding programme for the nursery school children with assistance from the Ministry of Education. The PTA has employed a cook, Nenkashe provides milk and vegetables and the Education Department has donated Maize and beans. The Children get porridge during the mid-morning break and a full meal at lunch time. The teacher has observed that the children are more alert and cheerful.

    Through your generous donations, Nancy is now able to go to school in comfort, well fed and uninterrupted. Nancy’s parents have both been incapable of looking after their 4 children. The extended family decided to distribute the children amongst them. Unfortunately Nancy’s situation was worsened. She became the one who looked after the other children, housework, was underfed and often had to miss school in order play the role of a mother. Nancy is in boarding school and is gradually changing from the withdrawn, shy underfed child to one who is gaining confidence in herself. With your continued donations, Nancy will be able to continue with her education and one day attain livelihood skills to enable her reclaim a secure place in society to be able to decide her destiny .

    The annual general meeting –AGM was held towards the end of June. It was resolved that:

    All Members ought to be involved in fundraising. The Fundraising should be an annual event. There is room to admit 4 new children in Primary School.

    Thank you all for your generous support both morally and financially which has made all the above activities possible.

    I wish you a good summer.