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Newsletter May 2014


    Secondary school in Pokot

    Newsletter May 2014-05-25
    This year started off smoothly. It was easier to find secondary schools for the four (4) girls that finished primary school last year. They were placed in 4 different secondary schools.The girl from Pokot was admitted to Kimngoron Girls Sec. School to join the other girls from Pokot and to be closer to her community.
    Five needy girls from Pokot who were selected by the School Committee were admitted into St. Patrick Primary Boarding School- Pokot. The 5 girls are sponsored by the Baylor University Students and administered by Nenkashe.
    With the loyal assistance of the sponsors, the partners and friends, school fees and shopping funds were readily available for the start of year for both secondary and primary schools.
    NEC sponsors 40 children: 24 primary school girls and 3 boys. 11secondary school girls. 2 girls are in pre primary school. We have a girl who is an HIV victim and is waiting to be admitted into a Home (Nyumbani ) which provides a home like environment, school facility and medical care.
    This year NEC is paying school fees for 43 girls and 3 boys spread out in 4 primary schools, 6 secondary schools and one Children’s Home .
    School Holidays
    This holiday, 6 NEC girls stayed at the Holiday Centre ( a boarding school for the Children with challenges which Nenkashe uses for a fee during school vacations)to house the girls who are orphaned, vulnerable . Nenkashe buys food and all the requirements needed for their stay. The vacation went well.
    All the other children were able to go home to their parents or guardians.
    The Headmaster of the Olosho Oibor Primary School where 4 of the Nenkashe girls are, requested Nenkashe to include the higher classes of the school in counseling and raising awareness on HIV/AIDs and Female Genital Mutilation. This was carried out in partnership with the local nurse. The children were interested and participitated actively.
    Reson who is the Nenkashe Counselor held a one day counseling / seminar session for the Nenkashe girls including local teenagers. There were 32 girls who attended the whole day seminar. The subject of the seminar was to: mentorship through interaction between secondary and primary school girls, share experiences, motivate and encourage each other. Raise self awareness and self esteem and learn to make informed choices which lead to a purpose driven life.
    Reconciliatory Family Visits
    It has taken NEC members 2 years of home visits to meet Malel’s parents and many telephone conversations to facilitate a reunion between parent and child. ( Malel is the child who was to be married off to a 35 years man at the age of 9 years!) During the school term, Malel was introverted, restless and unhappy and expressed that she was missing her family! The mother was persuaded to visit Malel during the school holidays and Malel was taken home to visit her family. There was a happy reunion with her siblings.
    To bring about genuine change of mind and acceptance of the child’s right to education has been a tough task.
    These visits revealed a need for awareness raising against FGM, early marriages and child’s rights in this community. NEC plans to run 2-3 seminars on these issues in conjunction with other relevant agents.
    March 10th 2014 brought 3 visitors from the Støtteforening Denmark, one of the founders, a member of the bestyrelse and a member. It was with pleasure that a few Nenkashe members took the visitors round to 2 primary schools, a secondary school and they visited some of the girls homes. The height of the visit was when the group met the parents of the girls that prompted the founders to start the Støtteforening. These parents were excited and expressed gratitude that their daughters have a chance to have the education that they the parents did not get.The group also met the members of Nenkashe. The Danish group paid for all expenses during their stay in Kenya.
    Nenkashe has realized the need for a livelihood skills school now that girls have began to graduate from primary school and the concern is for the girls who are week academically. The big concern is knowing that chances are that these girls, out of school would surely be married off.
    Therefore Nenkashe is beginning to deliberate in methods of raising funds to develop the 5 acre plot that NEC has for the purpose.
    Most of the above has only been possible through the constant funding from Denmark raised through hard work from the members.
    NEC is also grateful for the friends that have contributed to paying school fees for specific girls, those who have pledged to contribute annually and the ones who have made one time contributions. We also have a school sponsoring a 9 year old girl with full board. All of the above has made this year brighter and secure.
    We wish our sponsors a good summer and happy holidays.